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Drawing and Painting Cars || Keith Woodcock

Books on this subject are not exactly thick on the ground and it is certainly pretty specialist. However, if it’s something you want to pursue, this book offers all the coverage you’re likely to need.

There are very specific requirements in this market and Keith covers them all. For those who want extreme, almost photographic detail, the rivets are there to be counted. If you want the impression of speed, that’s here too. You’ll also find era-appropriate backgrounds as well as the people who drive and fettle the vehicles. The bulk of the subjects, it’s worth pointing out, are vintage, that being where the market for this type of artwork largely lies.

For all that, there is sufficient infrastructure that you could use the techniques to paint just about any model in any style and setting you choose. Media run from pencil and pen & wash to oils, watercolour, pastel, gouache and acrylic. As well as the many examples, there are detailed lessons in perspective specifically as applied to cars, as well as lighting, reflections and shadows. This really is as comprehensive as it’s possible to get.

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