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Wedding Papercrafts || Ann Brownfield and Jane Cassini

This probably needs to come with a reality check. Unless you already have some competence with papercraft, or you are supremely confident of your ability, it’s probably a good idea not to do any of these projects for real. Anything less than perfection is going to result in a day that looks as though it’s been catered from a pound shop and your efforts could eclipse excellence elsewhere. This is not to belittle pound shops, or a lack of extravagance in weddings, but the fact is that, whatever you do in this area, you really do have to do it well.

Having got that out of the way, this is a brilliant little book that could give your day a very considerable edge and save a deal of money into the bargain. This is another project-based craft book, so you get fairly simple demonstrations of 35 attractive and original ideas for boxes, bags, table decorations, albums and keepsakes, all of which are achievable with something more than just a modicum of skill. All of the items preseted are things which tend to appear at weddings and which can be bought at often considerable prices. By making your own, you can add an individual touch that will make the event much more personal and less manufactured.

As long as you’re realistic about your abilities, or you’re prepared to practice until your results are nothing less than perfect, this is a worthwhile purchase.

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