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Papermaking For Printmakers || Elspeth Lamb

The Printmaking Handbook series from A&C Black laudably brings up to date information on a subject which is only periodically visited in book form. For general observations on the series as a whole, please click on the series link below to see other titles.

The use of hand-made paper is one of the chief ways a printmaker can express individuality. As well as being the support for the image, it becomes part of the whole artwork and integral to the completed piece.

Developments in papermaking are not as much affected by advances in technology as other areas of printmaking and, indeed, anyone approaching the subject is perhaps more likely to be interested in traditional methods. Elspeth Lamb is a professional printmaker and also formerly visiting lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art and Duncan of Jordanstone College as well as Lecturer in Printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art. She has the track record, in other words. In this book, Elspeth draws together much of the available information on papermaking, particularly focusing on Japanese methods, a delicate and highly-prized skill that attracts a great deal of interest.

This is by no means the only book to have been written about papermaking, but it is one of only a few that are aimed at the professional and at the printmaker. It is generously illustrated with the work of many international artists, reproduced entirely in colour.

Year published: 2006
List price: £14.99

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