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Victoria Crowe || Susan Mansfield

Although she was born in Kingston-on-Thames, Victoria Crowe is now at the heart of Scottish painting, having taught for three decades at Edinburgh College of Art and exhibited widely in both private and public galleries.

This book accompanies an exhibition at Edinburgh City Art Centre, but is very much more than a catalogue or an adjunct that needs to be read in conjunction with a visit. The author, aided by contributions from Duncan Macmillan and Guy Peploe, gives a thorough account of Crowe’s life and work and the generous number of top-quality illustrations give a complete sense of her oeuvre. Encompassing a wide variety of subjects from portraiture to landscape and still life, Crowe’s work is inspired by her study of early Italian Renaissance painting and, as well as painting, she is also at home with drawing and printmaking.

This is a worthy summary of the work of a great contemporary artist.

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