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Oil Painting Step by Step || Noel Gregory, James Horton, Roy Lang & Michael Sanders

I’m pretty sure that this is a bind-up of eight short guides that have been previously published – I certainly recognise Roy Lang’s Sea & Sky in Oils, but publishers are getting a lot better at the stitching-together trick these days and it’s really quite hard to see the joins here. At a mere £12.99, though, it’s hardly worth quibbling in the face of the huge variety of material you get.

Because everything runs together so neatly, it’s best to look as this as a compendium of single-subject demonstrations, albeit a themed one. Turning the pages more or less at random reveals all sorts of useful information on subjects such as on skies, light, reflections, choosing a subject, underpainting and glazing, as well as a good selection of demonstration paintings on subjects including flowers, landscapes and water.

The individual volumes were definitely something to work through, but I rather favour serendipity here. Just let the book fall open and read from there; it’s full of wisdom and good advice.

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Water-Soluble Pencils And Other Aquarelle Media || Wendy Jelbert

A larger-format reissue of a title that first appeared in 1994, it’s good to see that this little classic remains available.

Although, at the time, there had been demand for a guide to the then relatively new watercolour pencils, the truth was that this was never really going to need much more than a magazine article or a chapter in a larger book. However, by combining pencils with a look at water-soluble pastels, Wendy did manage to get a small (48 page) book out of it and to cover pretty well all of the information that’s needed for a general introduction to the medium.

Known for her mixed media work, Wendy was the ideal person to write this book and she also shows how water-soluble media can be combined with other techniques rather than being used solely on their own. Short step-by-step demonstrations cover subjects including flowers, landscapes, trees and people and the limited space means that nothing is ever over-stretched, but is rather kept well onto the point. As an easily-followed introduction to water-soluble media, it’s hard to fault and stands the test of time well.

Year published: 2006 (originally published 1994)
List price: £7.99

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