Printmaking on a Budget || Mandy Bonnell & Steve Mumberson

Up to now, Black’s Printmaking Handbook series has concentrated more at the professional end of the market, where cost is not necessarily a consideration. While this latest volume does not compromise on artistic quality or offer cheap and cheerful solutions, it does nevertheless offer possibilities for the amateur, or less committed, worker who does not want to incur a large equipment outlay or to handle materials which can be hazardous.

For all that, the authors manage to deal with the more traditional, shall we say, techniques such as etching, lithography and silkscreen as well as simpler ones, such as paper constructions, and the use of found materials. Although this may look as though they are simply extending the brief to cover techniques which are really beyond the scope of the book, the authors manage to show how results can be achieved without major expense.

The quality of both the writing and illustration of this series has been exemplary and this addition to it in no way compromises that. The authors both have extensive teaching experience and hold senior posts and have addressed the direction of the book with all seriousness, showing that it is possible to produce artworks in print while working on a restricted budget. This is not a populist weekend project book, but a serious look at another side of printmaking from a professional point of view.

A&C Black 2008

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